About Me:

An anomaly:


is any occurrence or object that is strange, unusual, or uniqueIt can also mean a discrepancy or deviation from an established rule or trend. 

I love pulling out stray flyaway hairs on my head.

I stopped biting my nails when i was about 16, basically around the same time i stop being interested in my studies.

I love quirky fashion.

I have quite a few funny friends.

I once watched Sound of Music 7 times in a day on the VCR. Nowadays, I catch 2 episodes of ‘Everybody loves Raymond’ a day in the hope of understanding my hubby and in-laws better. And C.S.I (Crime scene investigation), in case i need inspiration on how to dismember family body parts.

I am a dreamer who has found a wonderful guy who swept me off my feet on our first date;

a mom to an awesome little boy who, despite having crazy me and my husband as parents, still manage to be the sweetest and most easy-going kid any parent can dream of having.

This blog is my treasure trove of thoughts  and creative experiences on family, friendship, fashion and anything under the sun. Basically, my literary outlet to keep my sanity in tact.


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