legged up

spring/summer is here and people in Switzerland are finally shedding off their mammut sports jackets and coats that make one look like michelin man.

i can’t help but notice that leggings/tights/jeggings (the illusion of denim jeans on leggings) is ‘in’ among the teenagers and young at heart here.

i always associate tights with housewives in wet markets in Singapore.

the ladies here make wearing tights look so chic and stylish with their never-ending legs. there are no wobbly jello-bits hanging over the elastic band on the waistline, or drumstick thighs poking out from the sides. one thing that bothers me a lot though, is that I often get a good clear view of their ‘camel toes’. the girls here like to pair their leggings with short crop tops. it really is quite distracting, especially if it’s seen on a pair of light colored tights.

am contemplating following the trend, but i have to keep a few style points in mind:

1) know your body shape. if you are short or have stumpy legs like me, it is best to avoid leggings that stop right below your knees. it is best to wear long tights that ends just above your ankles.

2) pair your leggings with hot heels for the illusion of longer legs.

3) invest in a decent pair of underwear. thin thongs or the new range of lycra sloggi with no VPL are highly recommended. no granny panties, please. ever.

4) do not wear a big night-time sanitary pad when you are wearing tights. you don’t want people walking behind you to think you’ve grown a tail or is a transvestite who had a really bad ‘tuck’ job.

5) invest in a good pair of tights. i use to think because it is so basic, i don’t need to spend too much money on a pair. i’ve had many torn ones, materials that seem to rub off on other clothes, and ones that are so thin and see through, i look like a big baby running around in stockings. definitely not the cool look you wanna achieve.

6) the controversial ‘skin-tone’ tights – i own a pair of camel brown tights, which from far, looks almost the same color as my skin. i had so many stares when i wore it with a turtle neck sweater in paris. or maybe parisians just like to stare.

7) variety, variety, variety. there are tights in so many different types of materials and designs now – leather, suede, denim, flower, psychedelic colors.

i love the PVC/leather/cat-woman tights that kate moss and vic beckam wore. Would i fit into one of those and look fabulous?

fat hope.


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